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About My Choice

My Choice was started by Ms. Sonam in the year 2016 as a passive income generator at first through Facebook and Instagram, but then slowly Ms. Choden ventured into making her online business bigger and better as she saw the potential in it.

Our Story

" I wasn't happy with how it has been always so difficult to find a particular product of our liking in the Bhutanese market, and even if we get the right product, the exorbitant pricing would make no sense. I realized later that there are so many people like me frustrated with the way things are in Bhutan when it comes to having a fulfilling shopping experience. I felt that I could provide much better value for money for those who didn't mind spending their hard-earned money on genuine products. When I first thought about how to replace my 9 - 5 life, I thought about taking on another job. But I knew that that wouldn't work. Afterall, it would defeat the purpose of our goal to spend more time together as a family. So ultimately, we decided to start an online store. " " The online store business model was perfect. You could have a computer server take orders on your website as well as receive customers through social media, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You didn't have to be physically present to run the store and all you had to worry about was order fulfillment and procuring the best in class items. Basically, we could run our online business from our house and that is exactly what we did! "

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